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Getting Started
Here’s the process to get going with your DeliverySafe.
Step 1: Unlock the Box
Step 2: Install the Box (details)
Step 3: Setup Keypad (details)
Step 4: Share Passcode (details)
Using Your DeliverySafe
with Delivery Providers
After you set up your DeliverySafe, be sure to notify your delivery providers to use it. For your convenience, here are the steps to follow for each popular delivery service.
To be sure they know how to use your DeliverySafe, it may be helpful to print this Driver Instruction Sheet, then place it or tape it on top of your DeliverySafe.
The Delivery Process
After set up, here's the process for receiving
and protecting your packages.
Create a numerical code for delivery drivers.
Provide delivery codes & instructions for delivery companies in user profiles.
When drivers deliver packages or food, they enter the code provided to them to unlock the box.
DeliverySafe securely holds packages, groceries, and meal boxes until you arrive home.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at hello@deliverysafe.com.