Thinking Inside the Box

We make sure you can enjoy what you buy.

We founded DeliverySafe to take back our own doorsteps.

Let’s face it - 2020 went down as a very tough year. In these uncertain times, one of the only easy, reliable and safe ways to get what you want or what your family needs in terms of products or food is to order it online.

But as it turns out, it’s not that simple.

Ordering and delivery aren’t the same as actually getting what you asked for, or getting what you wanted in decent condition. Basically, the online consumer experience is broken, because your doorstep hasn’t kept up.

Even before we faced quarantine, deliveries were a hassle—we’re all busy. We have spouses, kids and pets, and have to juggle school, fun and Zoom calls. We also receive a lot of packages—especially once we added delivery subscription services and groceries to our normal package deliveries.

But even now that we are home much of the time, those packages get stolen or our food goes bad before we can get to it. And it’s not just about lost goods or a ruined meal—it’s a stolen experience.

We wanted a way to guarantee we’d get what we actually paid for—whether it’s the new shirt we liked; food for the family, a quick dinner or a birthday gift.

And since we’re doers who believe in simple, thoughtful answers to big problems, we found a way to protect the doorstep and let all those big companies justify the fees they charge for getting stuff to our homes.

We built DeliverySafe for everyone who has had a package lost or stolen and then had to waste their time trying to get a replacement.

We built it for anyone who’s had something special ruined by heat, cold, rain or snow.

The first three DeliverySafes ever built are sitting on our front stoops, porches, and decks. We believe everyone should experience the same peace of mind knowing what they order is safe, fresh, and where it is supposed to be.