Why Cameras Aren’t Enough To Protect Your Porch

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Home security has always been a priority for most homeowners, but as we’ve invited more packages to our porches, and inadvertently tempted more thieves, it’s grown even more important. The industry responded with a slew of offerings, putting cameras right at our doors and giving us 24/7 access to watching, and recording, what happens from a few clicks on our smartphones.

Having that kind of constant access can be reassuring, but is it enough? With package theft growing increasingly worse, the short answer is that it’s not. Let’s dive in.


Unfortunately, cameras have shown to be little deterrent from package theft, as criminals simply dodge the lens and try to cover their face. So, while the evidence is there, it’s still left to the homeowners to put it into action.

Imagine someone steals a package from your porch, and you have video of it. You can post to social media with the hope that someone may recognize the person or something unique about them, such as the clothing they wear, or share it with authorities. Both options yield painfully low success rates and worse still, are simply the start of a headache for the homeowner.

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Police are unlikely to prioritize such a search and homeowners must then begin the frustrating process of trying to get a replacement or refund from where they made their purchase.

Security systems can offer a sense of peace, but with their high price tag, won’t necessarily keep deliveries safe. Instead, it puts homeowners in a reactive position, instead of preventing the theft ahead of time.


Losing a package is frustrating. But what’s more frustrating? Having a virtual intruder or your personal network hacked.

Like most technology, doorbell systems have vulnerabilities that make them ideal targets for cyber criminals. In fact, just a few months ago, Amazon’s popular Ring system potentially exposed sensitive information for 3,000 of its customers. And what’s worse, hackers have been known to crack these systems and use them as a means to taunt homeowners and their families from the built-in speaker or even access video of them going about the privacy of their homes. And while these may be worst case scenarios, your private information - be it your login code for the front door, WiFi password or personal financial details on your home computer - are all at risk if a hacker compromises your network.

So, while these systems aren’t protecting your online purchases, they may also be doing even worse - putting your personal information in danger.


When it comes to protecting our homes, and what we treasure inside of them - our families - there’s nothing we won’t do. But when it comes to protecting what’s outside of them, namely all of the goods and experiences ordered to our doorsteps, we can take proactive measures to protect those purchases.

We can use cameras to confirm deliveries, but DeliverySafe can make sure they aren’t stolen. Our insulated, lockable box is the ideal vault for our packages with its commercial grade lock, digital entry keypad and audible alarm. With these features in place, users can easily limit who has access to it and when, while the sturdy, steel construction and ability to bolt directly into wood, concrete or metal means it’s not going anywhere. With DeliverySafe, not only will you safeguard what you order, but also you’ll make your house a less desirable target without stuff sitting out unattended at your home.

Home security is all about control. DeliverySafe gives it back to the homeowner and, quite literally, boxes out criminals from package theft.

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