Social Trends: What People are Saying about Online Grocery Delivery

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Online grocery shopping is quickly becoming a mainstay in the way Americans live their lives. In fact, a 2020 study predicts 60% growth by 2025.  Although curbside pickup of these groceries remains popular, many are now deciding to have their groceries delivered instead.

So with this fast-evolving trend, it’s helpful to look closely at related articles and social posts to get a sense of how well it’s going and any challenges Americans are facing. To this end, here is what people are saying across 5 key areas of online grocery delivery:

1. Future of Food

Online grocery shopping was around before the 2020 pandemic, but it clearly changed the landscape of the service forever, pushing it into the mainstream. Here’s some predictions by some publishers in the market:

  • Supermarket News points out the pandemic changed the face of the service. Even if brick and mortar stores aren’t going anywhere soon, moving forward we can expect more changes in grocery shopping. 
  • After Google announced it would partner with Albertsons, said we could be seeing “shoppable maps with dynamic hyperlocal features, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered conversational commerce, and predictive grocery list building via Google Cloud.
  • Forbes says AI will be “indispensable fort tomorrow’s grocery businesses.“ 
  • The American Journal of Transportation sees micro-fulfillment as a big part of the future.

2. Life-Changing Impact

In an article at, Main mother Sarah Smiley says online grocery shopping is the  “the next best thing since disposable diapers,” she adds. 

Another mom also jumped on the online grocery shopping bandwagon with a list of pros, saying:

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  1. That “it’s a huge win for budget conscience families”
  2. That “it’s easier than dragging “tired and hungry” kids to the store
  3. That “editing the shopping list up to a couple of hours before pick up is a great bonus feature”
  4. And “shopping online is available 24/7 and in your jammies. Double bonus – no makeup required.”

Even those people who see that online grocery shopping is still working out the kinks have found some benefits to the downside of getting your groceries delivered.



Of course, not everyone is on board, like Err_ew who says:

3. Convenience Rules

Much of the talk about grocery delivery has to do with convenience. 

It’s reason why people like C_Mak20 are Tweeting their adoration for it:



And it is definitely something of importance to moms like @sydneygeorge1:


According to one UK survey, since the COVID-19 outbreak, convenience is the number reason people use online grocery shopping. And shows saving time and money are clear benefits, among others.

Don’t want to believe the people that benefit from this service? There’s tons of other articles like this one from and info from mom-bloggers like Monica Hoss that are fully behind eGrocery delivery.

4. Quality - Can it be Controlled?

One issue with online food delivery can be the quality. Here are just some of the issues from folks on Twitter.

Receiving rotten or out-of-date food:



Fruit with worms in it:



Package that's downright disgusting:


The Supermarket News pointed out in an article that “produce quality” is one of the areas that food delivery can definitely improve upon. Yet in the same article, the results from a survey of online grocery shoppers is reported and only 17% said “produce quality” is a top challenge for online grocery sales.

5. Porch Pirates

Another problem facing online grocery delivery is theft. During the pandemic quarantine 20% of consumers felt the wrath of package theft, with 14% of those stolen packages being grocery deliveries according to a Value Penguin survey. 

Whether they are following delivery trucks, casing specific neighborhoods, or watching people’s food shopping routines, food piracy is on the rise. In fact, one thief beat the recipient to their home to steal the food drop-off.  Another report shows a porch pirate got away with $300 worth of grub:  In some areas, food is disappearing at such an alarming rate that content started to spring up around how to protect your food deliveries.

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