The Ultimate Report on Package Theft in America

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The Ultimate Report on Package Theft in America

As Americans shop online more than ever, package theft has become the unfortunate consequence of this trend. Currently, there’s no clear sign that retailers or delivery companies will step up to solve this problem. So, American consumers must be aware of the issue and do all they can to prevent from being a victim of this crime.

To help build consumer awareness and minimize the problem, we’ve put together The Ultimate Report on Package Theft in America. We’ve tried to answer all of the popular questions surrounding it, distill all of the data that’s important to understand, and provide some effective ways to prevent it.

Dive in deeper to the sections below to learn more about package theft and how it might be prevented.


How Often are Delivered Packages Stolen?

As 8 in 10 Americans now shop online, home package delivery is rising fast and furiously. With this increase in parcels at the doorstep, package theft has also been on the rise. So how common is package theft?

Where and When does Package Theft Occur?

Which US metro areas and states have the highest interest in package theft? How does the proximity of a residence or business relate to higher incidences? And what is the most prevalent time of day and year for porch piracy? We answer these questions and more here.

Who are the Victims of Package Theft and are You at Risk?

How much do we know about the victims of package theft? And are you at risk? Although there isn’t a lot of crime data on this, there are some conclusions to be drawn in looking at relevant data and a few studies.

Who Steals Delivered Packages and How Do They Do It?

You’ve probably heard of “Porch Pirates”, the catchy phrase used to describe criminals who steal packages from porches. There are plenty of gotcha videos about them on YouTube catching them in the act, and they always find their way in the news around the Holidays.  But who are these porch pirates, and how do they steal packages?

Who is Responsible for Package Theft and What is Being Done About it?

“Why me?” is likely exclaimed by many Americans who are victims of package theft. Ultimately, the question is: Who is responsible for package theft and what is being done about it? Although there isn’t a clear answer, taking a closer look at some of the key aspects might help.

How can Package Theft be Prevented?

Despite some retailers and package delivery companies making an effort to stop porch piracy, much of this burden is still put on the consumer. So with this in mind, here are some ways you can prevent package theft.

What is the impact of Package Theft on Online Shopping?

Around 35.5 million Americans have had a package stolen, adding up to an estimated $5.4 billion in losses. So what is the overall impact to purchasing behavior, retailer revenue, and consumer trust in online shopping?

4 Steps to Take When a Package is Stolen

More than 40% of Americans have felt the sting of package theft. After they discover the package is missing and experience the frustration that comes with it, the question that arises next is: What do I do now? To this end, here are 4 steps to consider if a package is stolen from the doorstep.

A Complete Look at Package Theft Statistics

We know that porch pirates are on the prowl in the US. There are enough reports on Twitter, YouTube and other forums to prove this. There are some significant studies, surveys and reports that have been conducted to get a clearer understanding of the key statistics related to parcel theft. For convenience's sake, we’ve compiled data from the variety of sources available here.

The Rise of the Lockable Delivery Box

The lockable delivery box - DeliverySafe


To deal with the package theft problem, some Americans are ramping up home security through outside security systems and doorbell cameras. Some delivery companies are providing alternative delivery options such as remote delivery lockers or they may try to hide packages from view.

But, ultimately, only one solution solves the problem fully--the lockable delivery box.

These parcel boxes make the most sense, as mail delivery evolves to include increasingly more packages on a daily basis for most Americans. Homeowners or business owners simply put the box near the front door or in a place that makes sense for delivery, they provide the code to the delivery company, then the delivery person opens the box to place the parcel in it and closes it.

DeliverySafe, considered by most to be the leader in the package delivery box market, has had consumers across the US in metro and rural areas,  along with a multitude of businesses, adopt its product. This shows that there is pent-up demand to solve package theft in a variety of ways and areas.

Expect porch piracy to continue to rise over the coming years, but also expect Americans to fight back with measures of their own. The most obvious evolution will be to have a lockable package box for daily deliveries. Essentially, it's the modern mailbox.

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