The Ultimate Report on Package Theft in America

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Package theft is on the rise, as Americans shop online for goods more than ever. Currently, retailers and delivery companies have yet to step up to solve porch piracy, so U.S. consumers must be aware of it and prevent porch pirates from swiping their valuable deliveries.

To help build consumer awareness and minimize porch piracy, we’ve put together this 2021 Report on Package Theft in America. We’ve answered most of the popular questions surrounding it, collected all of the data that’s important to understand, and provided some effective ways to prevent it.

Dive in deeper to the sections below to learn more about package theft and how it might be prevented.

How Common is Package Theft?

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As 8 in 10 Americans now shop online, home package delivery is rising fast and furiously. With this increase in parcels at the doorstep, package theft has also been on the rise. In fact, 43% of Americans have had a package stolen. And, in looking at Google search trends, people are searching for package theft 70% more than they did in May of 2019. Law enforcement is also reporting far greater incidents of porch piracy than in previous years. Beyond this, there are several studies showing Americans are very concerned about being a victim of package theft.

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Where and When does Package Theft Occur?

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San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose leads U.S. metro areas and states with the highest interest in package theft. Visibility of packages and distance from a main street are big factors that impact higher incidences. And it's clear that during the Holidays or when people are at work are the best times for porch pirates to strike.

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Who are the Victims of Package Theft and are You at Risk?

People who order a high number of packages, are closer to the street, and don't have a way to hide their packages have a higher chance of being victims of package theft. Also, more men than women are victims, and those that are away during the day have a higher incidence rate.

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Who are Porch Pirates?

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Perhaps surprisingly, as many women as men steal packages in the U.S. Studies also show that most porch pirates are under 45 years old and the majority are White. In addition, two-thirds are from the Middle Class. They commit the crime a variety of creative ways--from trailing delivery trucks to dressing up like nurses. The best way to understand how porch pirates operate is to look at their approach, execution, and exit.

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Who is Responsible for Package Theft and What is Being Done About it?

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There isn't a clear answer as to who is responsible for package theft. The carriers tend to say they just deliver the packages that have been purchased and don't have any onus to protect them. Most sellers say they aren't at fault after the package is delivered.  And there aren't federal laws in place for package delivery like there are for mail delivery--which makes mail theft a felony. Unfortunately, the intended recipient of the package typically carries the burden when it comes to porch piracy.

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How to Prevent Package Theft

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There are a number of ways consumers can prevent or minimize package theft.  For example, at the point of sale, the purchaser can specify where the package delivery is placed or require a signature. They can have it sent somewhere like work where they know someone can always receive it, they can provide special instructions to delivery drivers, or they can upgrade their home security to deter it. The best option for most is to acquire a lockable package delivery box like DeliverySafe.

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What is the impact of Package Theft on Online Shopping?

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Out of fear of package theft, some consumers just avoid buying products online altogether, and some change the way they receive packages. No doubt, retailers' profit margins take a hit when they have to replace a number of products that have been stolen. The overall impact on consumer trust of retailers and delivery companies is at stake, as well.

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4 Steps to Take When Your Package is Stolen

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More than 40% of Americans have felt the sting of package theft. After they discover a package is missing and experience the frustration that comes with it, there are four steps they can take to remedy the situation:

  1. Contact the delivery company.
  2. Contact the retailer.
  3. Report the package theft to the police.
  4. Contact the credit card company.

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A Complete Look at Package Theft Statistics

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Porch piracy is on a dramatic rise in the U.S. In fact, 35.5 million Americans have had a package stolen, including 56% of Generation Z. And 64% of the victims have had a parcel taken more than once. The Los Angeles police have reported a 600% increase in package theft from 2010 to 2017. In fact, there are myriad of reports showing package theft has increased across all regions and demographics.

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The Rise of the Lockable Delivery Box

To deal with the package theft problem, some Americans are ramping up home security through outside security systems and doorbell cameras. Some delivery companies are providing alternative delivery options such as remote delivery lockers or they may try to hide packages from view.

But, ultimately, only one solution solves the problem fully--the lockable delivery box.

These parcel boxes make the most sense, as mail delivery evolves to include increasingly more packages on a daily basis for most Americans. Homeowners or business owners simply put the box near the front door or in a place that makes sense for delivery, they provide the code to the delivery company, then the delivery person opens the box to place the parcel in it and closes it.

DeliverySafe, considered by most to be the leader in the package delivery box market, has had consumers across the US in metro and rural areas,  along with a multitude of businesses, adopt its product. This shows that there is pent-up demand to solve package theft in a variety of ways and areas.

Expect porch piracy to continue to rise over the coming years, but also expect Americans to fight back with measures of their own. The most obvious evolution will be to have a lockable package box for daily deliveries. Essentially, it's the modern mailbox.

DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

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