The Story Behind DeliverySafe: Mike Vig

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We sat down with DeliverySafe co-founder Mike Vig to learn a bit more about the story behind the product! 

DeliverySafe offers flexible, secure home package drop off with a lockable, insulated delivery box. 

The lockable, insulated delivery box was created by four friends who all noticed they were having the same issue— their lives had started to revolve around package delivery (and package delivery mishaps). They created DeliverySafe so they could be more present, continuing to do what they love with the people they love. 

Mike Vig is one of these founders. He loves traveling, trying new foods, and getting outside with his family. We sat down with Mike to learn a bit more about him and the DeliverySafe! 

DeliverySafe was created by four friends. How do you all know each other?

DeliverySafe Protects Your Package and Food Deliveries from Theft, Weather, and Spoilage

“We all met through various personal and professional contacts over the years. Whether it was collaborating together in an office or hanging out at a backyard barbecue, we always enjoyed spending time together. After moving through similar life stages and having many of the same package delivery problems, we knew the time was right to launch DeliverySafe.”  

What moment inspired the four of you to make the DeliverySafe?

“We had been experiencing similar problems with our package deliveries. From stolen packages to spoiled groceries, we were all having the same issues. Earlier this year, we got together and we knew that if the 4 of us were having these problems, then many more people must be too.”  

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What’s your favorite DeliverySafe feature?

“For me, it’s keeping my packages (and their contents) clean and dry. My front porch is uncovered, so all of my deliveries used to get completely destroyed in the rain and snow before having a DeliverySafe.”  

What’s your neighborhood like?

“We live in Glenview, IL, about 15 miles northwest of Chicago. I love the small-town feel in close proximity to the big city. We have great neighbors, awesome parks, and lots of space for the kids and dog to run around.” 

What’s your favorite thing about your front porch?

“I love how it opens up to my big, front yard. It’s uncovered, so it immediately feels like you’re entering a great open outdoor space as soon as you step out of the front door.”

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Favorite online purchase or delivery purchase in the last year?

“We love our Burley Bee bike trailer. We’re able to fit both kids in it, and we are now spending more time biking than ever before!” 

How do you hope DeliverySafe can make life easier for people?

“Porch piracy is at an all-time high. 1 out of every 3 Americans has had a package stolen. And, grocery delivery is exploding. There are no good solutions out there today that can keep your packages safe and groceries fresh. The DeliverySafe does those things. We hope we can bring more convenience to people’s lives by giving them the freedom of knowing they can receive packages securely, no matter where they may be.”

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DeliverySafe helps you reclaim your front porch.

We made DeliverySafe because we believe everyone should be able to rest knowing what they order is safe, fresh, and where it is supposed to be. Our lockable, insulated delivery box keeps your deliveries, groceries, and packages safe so you can do your thing. Check the details here!

(Pro Tip: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return the unused items within 30 days from the date of invoice for a full refund!)

DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

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