Secure Package Delivery Boxes Are The Next Big Thing In Home Security

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People increasingly order anything from clothes to groceries to digital devices online and have them sent directly to their homes. This has led to a new trend in home security--the Secure Package Delivery Box, which ensures packages and fresh goods are safe from theft, protected from weather, and even insulated from spoilage.

Most of these trendsetters are working couples or single parents who can’t adjust their schedules to be home for every delivery, yet they need the convenience of delivered products to their doors to keep their lives manageable. These same forward-thinking people jumped in on the trend of installing doorbell and security cameras that can be controlled remotely.

Sadly, early adopters of this solution to protecting packages quickly found out there were three key issues:

  1. Video Cameras Don’t Prevent Package Theft. Seeing someone steal something is different than stopping someone from stealing something from outside your home.

  2. Video Cameras Can’t Protect Against Bad Weather. When winter or the rain season sets in, delivery drivers are not left with many options to place your packages in a safe spot. Even if they do, there’s no telling when the weather will shift or winds will pick up.

  3. Someone Can Hack Your Security. The digital or wireless connection between a security device and your personal device is hackable--meaning, if someone can break into your account, they can not only gain access to your security, but also possibly your home and any sensitive information.  

The Way Forward

Because of these red flags, true visionaries are solving their parcel protection problems by moving toward the secure delivery box. What they’ve found out is that these innovative package receptacles—if you pick the right one—are, essentially, the modern-day mailbox. They keep your goods protected and fresh until you get home.

DeliverySafe Protects Your Package and Food Deliveries from Theft, Weather, and Spoilage

So, What Are Your Options for a Secure Delivery Box?

There are a variety of outdoor lock box models available on the market. Architectural and courier mailboxes are the taller style that look and work almost like a classic mailbox. These are secure, but are too small to handle anything bigger than small parcels and envelopes. You might have also seen fortified curbside mailboxes, but UPS and FedEx will not put packages in these repositories. 

Other larger lock boxes feature padlocks for security, which are safe. But, having more keys floating around is a hassle and can be a security risk if they get lost or you’re aren’t sure who has one. Then, there are the models with locks that are Wi-Fi connected and, well, we’ve already talked about what hacking can mean for your home and personal security.

DeliverySafe, The Game-Changer

The DeliverySafe is the safest and most advanced, secure delivery box out there. Here's why:

  1. It’s Tough and Durable. Where most have a metal or plastic exterior, DeliverySafe takes its 18-gauge steel construction to the next level with its weather resistance and grocery protection. This includes a rust- and scratch-resistant paint for a weatherproof exterior that protects items from sun, wind, rain, and snow. It also has an insulated liner with ice packs to keep food deliveries fresh while in storage.

  2. It Can Handle Large Packages. Unlike many standing designs, the DeliverySafe has a horizontal shape with the capacity to handle packages of almost all sizes, including those big meal kit deliveries.

  3. It’s Not Going Anywhere.  Another key feature that sets the DeliverySafe apart is the feet that can be bolted down into wood or concrete surfaces so that no one—be it Mother Nature or a porch pirate—can uproot your lock box.

  4. Simple, Secure Code to Open and Close. It’s easy-to-use digital keypad allows you to dictate who can put in and take out deliveries. UPS, Amazon and other delivery drivers welcome it and love it because it ensures their packages get delivered. Just add the code to delivery instructions.

Join the Next Age in Home Security

No matter where you live or the type, value, size, or delicate nature of the deliveries you receive, the flexibility of the DeliverySafe allows you to go about your life and stop worrying about what might happen to a box left on your stoop. Plus, with online shopping and package theft both skyrocketing, there is no better time to be the first person in your neighborhood to jump on this timely, effective and valuable product.



DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

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Follow us for important news and trends around online shopping and package delivery.