Package Theft is a Hot Topic for the News Media

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The news media is abuzz with reports and in-depth looks at package theft. From Good Morning America, to Fox News and CNBC, to a myriad of local news channels, porch piracy is a hot topic. It’s no wonder, as 43% of American say they having been a victim of this crime.

We’ve compiled some of the most viewed, compelling and important stories about porch piracy from top sources here and organized them around popular themes. 

Rise of the Rip-Offs

CNBC, Broadcast Video and Article

Nearly 1 in 5 homeowners has fallen victim to ‘porch pirates’

You're not the only person eagerly anticipating the arrival of your online shopping haul this holiday season. Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. homeowners has been a victim of package theft in the last year, according to a recent survey by Ring, a home security firm. Ring surveyed 1,000 adults in October and November. 


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Channel 7 Denver, Video Broadcast Report and Article

Package thefts on the rise in Denver, more than doubling since 2019. 

According to the Denver Police Department, the city is seeing a 108% increase in package thefts year-to-date when compared to 2019. There were only 303 package thefts reported then. Now, there have been at least 629 packages reported stolen so far this year.


NBC Channel 7 San Diego, Video Broadcast Report and Article

Package Thieves Seize Opportunity During Pandemic

When the holidays arrive, it's common to hear of people stealing packages from your front door. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are ordering products online and a new survey says package thieves are taking advantage of it.


ABC 7 Chicago

How to Prevent Package Theft 

Front porches are the new front line in retail theft. With the popularity of doorstep delivery comes a new type of criminal.


How it’s Happening, Video

Brazen Richmond porch pirate steals package from front doorstep

A Richmond man is hoping to draw attention to the rise in porch piracy after a package was stolen off his doorstep in broad daylight. Phil Goulet's security cameras captured a man walking right up to his front door and grabbing a parcel from behind a pillar - but not before he checked the backyard, too.


CBS 4 Minnesota, Broadcast Video and Article

St. Paul Couple Shares Video Of Porch Pirate: ‘They’re Not Taking From Amazon, They’re Actually Taking From Good People’

A St. Paul couple is sharing video of a brazen porch pirate stealing packages from their front door - and then coming back for more. The couple's doorbell camera caught it all on video Saturday.


CBS 8 Des Moines, Broadcast Video and Article

Caught on camera: Brazen porch pirate takes package in front of mail truck

A St. Paul couple is sharing video of a brazen porch pirate stealing packages from their front door - and then coming back for more. The couple's doorbell camera caught it all on video.


Channel 11 Houston, YouTube Video

Woman caught following FedEx truck, stealing packages in Cypress, Precinct 4 says

Thanks to quick response by Precinct 4 deputies, the suspect was arrested and the packages were recovered.


Channel 10 Miami, Article with Video 

Brazen porch pirate steals package while dropping off groceries from Walmart

A delivery man was caught on camera stealing a package from outside a Margage home after dropping off groceries on the same front porch.


Channel 5 Cleveland, YouTube Video

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Amazon delivery driver caught stealing package

Longtime Tremont resident John Tran told News 5 he got a notice from Amazon confirming his package was delivered, complete with a picture of it on his doorstep.

Revenge of the Wronged

With some drivers stealing their own deliveries and as porch piracy rises at such an alarming rate, in many cases and places would-be package recipients are taking matters into their own hands to protect their deliveries., YouTube Video

Package Thief Caught in the Act || ViralHog


NBC News, Article

Cute videos, but little evidence: Police say Amazon Ring isn't much of a crime fighter

Once an agency has signed up, it can request access to users' videos directly through the Neighbors app, essentially a digital shortcut around in-person, door-to-door requests for security video footage. In its agreements with police, five of which have been reviewed by NBC, Ring describes Neighbors as " an expansion of the traditional neighborhood watch."


NBC News, Broadcast Video and Article

Porch pirate gets surprise package of dirty diapers as family seeks revenge

After two packages were stolen from a Missouri family's porch in less than a week, they decided enough was enough. The family from Hazelwood, a St. Louis suburb, had security footage that showed the same thief was coming to their porch and stealing packages they had ordered online, the mother, who asked not to be named, told NBC St. Louis.


NBC Channel 8 Oregon, YouTube Video

Portland porch pirate gets a stinky surprise!


Fox Channel 8 Greensboro, NC, Broadcast Video

NC man gets revenge on porch pirate with spicy warning

One man is fighting back against porch pirates his own way, leaving them with a nasty surprise. His South End neighborhood has had an issue with packages going missing, but if the thief opens up one of the packages set up a decoy, they're in for a surprise.


Washington Post, Article

Concerned about your holiday package getting stolen? It’s porch pirates who should be worried — about Glitter Bomb 2.0.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some accessorize with glitter, fart spray and the element of surprise. You may remember Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who rose to YouTube fame last year after a $5 package was stolen from his doorstep.

The Law Fights Back

Since porch piracy has gone from a random nuisance to a national epidemic, law enforcement has stepped up its role in trying to curb the crime.

In the last few years, many states including Texas, Michigan, Arkansas, Utah, California, and New Jersey have introduced or passed legislation to combat porch piracy, making the crime punishable by stronger penalties, more jail time and higher fines. 


CBS Channel 4 St. Louis, Broadcast Video and Article

Missouri lawmakers introduce porch pirate bill

Lawmakers in Missouri are going after porch pirates. Package thefts are on the rise across the nation. The state house of representatives has passed a bill that would make the first offense of stealing mail a misdemeanor and any following offense would be a felony.


NBC Channel 11 Atlanta, Article

Police spending and package theft among new Georgia laws

Dozens of new laws passed during the session will take effect on Thursday, July 1, ranging from curbs on cutting police spending to higher penalties on stealing multiple packages from outside the house. 


Atlanta Police Department, YouTube Video

Package Theft Prevention PSA, Article

Palos Park Police Proactively Patrolling For Porch Pirates

Palos Park police are proactively patrolling for porch pirates in residential neighborhoods as people than ever are avoiding brick-and-mortar stores and shopping online during the pandemic during the holiday season. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute reported 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen in the United States every day, resulting in $25 million in losses.


CBS This Morning, YouTube Video

Police try bait packages to nab "porch pirates"



KSL News, YouTube Video

Porch Pirate Patrol: KSL Investigators Show You What’s Being Done To Catch Package Thieves


ABC News, YouTube Video

Police department launches high-tech effort to fight package thieves, Article

Tips Lead Orland Officers To Porch Pirate Arrest: Police

The Orland Park Police Department arrested a man they say took two packages from two different homes on Antelope Lane in Orland. Police said one homeowner's Ring doorbell camera helped find the porch pirate. Around 10:30 a.m. on Jan.


CBS Channel 9 Los Angeles, YouTube Video

LAPD Busts Sophisticated Package Theft Operation


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