I Bought A DeliverySafe Because I Fish

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I Bought A DeliverySafe Because I Fish

The following is a testimonial by Sean Larkin, a proud advocate for DeliverySafe and the flexibility it provides him and his family.


I would have assumed that working from home in this time of Covid-19, I'd be around for all my package deliveries. Unfortunately, that is usually the case...It's harder these days for me and my family to get outside and enjoy our typical summer routines, while quarantining and social distancing.

But when I can get out into the mountains above my home in Denver, Colorado, the last thing in the world I want to do is worry about my grocery deliveries melting on my front porch.

This happened to me and my toddler son just a month or two ago, before I started using a DeliverySafe: I got a small break in my workload on a weekday and decided to dash up to my favorite creek for a little fly fishing with him. The bite was good and the day was gorgeous — so I pushed our trip home by two hours, crossing my fingers that my Amazon delivery would arrive on the late side of its two-hour delivery window. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and I came home to melted popsicles and spoiled milk.

I swore to myself that would be the last time I had to choose between extending a much-needed fishing trip and fresh groceries. DeliverySafe has provided me with flexibility and peace of mind, quite literally contributing to my overall mental health in these crazy times. I highly recommend this product if you and your family likes to get outside and play every once in a while.

— Sean Larkin