How the DeliverySafe Lockable Package Box was Born

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Often the idea for a startup comes directly from the founders trying to solve one of their own problems. In doing so, they soon realize that their headache is shared with many other people, as well.

This is certainly the case for the startup, DeliverySafe, which sells an innovative lockable, insulated package delivery box for both consumers and businesses.

The Problems: Weather, Spoilage, Theft, Inconvenience

A few years ago, all three of the DeliverySafe founders were in very similar situations--all living busy lives, juggling work and family. To save time and money, each one was taking advantage of the modern convenience that is home delivery. From clothes, books and stuff for the kids to meal kits and groceries, they were each getting numerous deliveries a week.

With so many packages being delivered, each founder started having issues.

One with a roofless porch had products ruined by bad weather. Another living on a busy street noticed packages disappearing. And, one who loves to cook found his groceries couldn’t survive Chicago’s heat and humidity.

DeliverySafe Protects Your Package and Food Deliveries from Theft, Weather, and Spoilage

Though some resided in the city and others in suburbs, all lived in neighborhoods that they loved and wanted to do their part to keep up the curb appeal that contributed to each area’s charm.

The Evolution of the DeliverySafe Solution 

For a while they bandied about solutions to their problems but then when the pandemic hit and package deliveries went from a few a week to a few a day they knew they needed to do something. Soon after, the idea for the DeliverySafe started to take shape.

Weather Protection

First, to deal with weather like rain and snow that could destroy packaging, it was determined that the DeliverySafe would need an impervious exterior. There were many materials that were tried out but it was determined that 18-gauge steel had the perfect combination of strength and thinness that would make sure the box withstood both weather and vandalism. To make sure it couldn’t be carried off just like a package, the team made sure it could also be easily bolted to wood or concrete surfaces for an added layer of security.

Package Theft

Secondly, understanding the rate at which porch piracy is skyrocketing in the United States, it was determined that the DeliverySafe would need a lock on par with the best safety devices used by businesses and professionals whose job it is to protect products for customers and clients. Enter a commercial-grade lock with a digital entry keypad that’s designed specifically to handle the climate of an outdoor environment. The lock can be programmed with a 4- to 10 digit combination and then reprogrammed as needed to change who has access to the safe and when they have access.

Grocery Spoilage

Next, with the uptick in food delivery, both from restaurants and from grocery stores, they wanted something that could keep meat and veggies fresh, even if they couldn’t get home immediately to put them away. That’s where the idea for the insulated construction comes from, which is designed to keep cool things cool and hot things hot. 

Of course, the team’s resident foodie deemed it was important to have some extra help on those hot summer days so they also added interior slots that allow ice packs to slide into place inside the box as well. Furthermore, the size and shape of meal kit delivery boxes also influenced the DeliverySafe’s long design and wide opening, both of which can accommodate large shipments.

Simple, Aesthetic Design

When it came to construction of the actual box, the guys knew that the thought that went into the design had to go far beyond measurements. After all, any entrepreneur worth their salt learned a lesson from Apple that products not only have to function properly but they also have to look good doing it. 

With the DeliverySafe, which often sits by the most visible and visited spot at a home -- the front door, the whole team knew it was essential that it had to be aesthetically pleasing. The clean lines and symmetrical architecture give a modern vibe that’s also timeless. Adding to its handsome appearance are the convenient touches like the rounded edges, quiet motion and closures, and a classic paint color that suits just about any decor. 

The Initial Prototype and Release

Once prototypes were developed, each founder placed one on his front porch to give it a trial run. Though it solved each of their specific problems, they quickly found out it was the peace of mind it gave each of them that was the biggest “win” that came with using a delivery lock box. There was no more worrying about the weather, about thieves, or about getting home to save the groceries and no more sitting at home waiting for deliveries instead of going to the park with the kids or taking a bike ride. 

Lots of entrepreneurs set out to achieve a goal, and many of them do that. But, it's the products that accomplish their purpose and go beyond by changing how people go about their daily routines in ways that money cannot buy that truly transform the way we live. And, with the DeliverySafe, three friends did just that. 

Meet the Founders


DeliverySafe Founder - Mike Vig


DeliverySafe Founder - Adam Schumacher


DeliverySafe Founder - Jim Streibich

An Ongoing Evolution

Although the initial launch of DeliverySafe has been a success with many happy customers, the company has big plans to continue improvements of its current product, as well as, offer a variety of lockable package boxes to meet the different needs of home and business owners.

DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

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