How DeliverySafe Can Help You Stay In Business In A Contactless World

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Everyone has been impacted by Covid-19, but one hard hit audience? Small businesses. Owners and their employees, especially those providing in-person goods and services, have been faced with unprecedented hardships, both economical and emotional. In fact, already hundreds of thousands of these “mom and pop” establishments have closed their doors, meaning many people have lost their livelihoods and even more so, their jobs—many of which will never come back. 


Small businesses that haven’t shuttered yet are struggling with many of the changes required to remain open. This includes safety mandates that keep their employees and clients safe, and finding the  logistical and technological solutions they need to accommodate customers’ changing shopping habits, including online ordering with delivery and pick up options.

One such example is small-scale dine-in restaurants that have been able to pivot to take-out. At first, during quarantine, people relied on delivery, but this incurred significant, and even damaging, costs to already strained restaurant owners managing the demand on their own. Pick up offered a more cost-effective option, particularly with the rise of services like Grubhub and DoorDash, so the cost could shift to the consumer. 

Small retail shops, on the other hand, shifted to a window shopping model to create a contactless experience. Customers simply browse through the window and pay over the phone. From there, the shop worker packages the item and sets it outside for the customer to come and grab at their convenience.

DeliverySafe Protects Your Package and Food Deliveries from Theft, Weather, and Spoilage

It’s seemingly working. According to a recent report, 57% of Americans purchased from a local business for the first time because they offered curbside and contactless payment and pick up options. But while these two examples offer hopeful resolutions, these changes are not without their own set of unique challenges.


Curbside pick up has its own issues, namely the person-to-person contact that occurs when packages are handed off. While a direct transaction ensures the product’s safety, it puts the employee’s and customer’s health at-risk. Alternatively, leaving a parcel outside or in an atrium ensures no physical interaction, but anyone can grab it, which means the loss of the sale and maybe even the customer.

But, what if there was a way to keep people and products equally safe, and businesses operational? That’s where DeliverySafe comes in. The ultimate contactless curbside pick up hub, it is lockable, insulated and durable to protect valuables, food and delicate items from theft, spoilage, vandalism and/or inclement weather.

While large businesses like Amazon already had secure pick up locations in place pre-pandemic and big chains like Little Caesars had capital to invest in big-scale solutions, such as their Pizza Portal concept in the last few months, most small businesses didn’t have the forethought or money to create elaborate pick up systems. DeliverySafe is a cost-effective solution that, most importantly, small businesses can deploy right now to appease social distance protocols and remain open.

Take it from DeliverySafe customer Chris E., who used the DeliverySafe to quickly and inexpensively transform his transactions. “I am a small business owner, I use the DeliverySafe for my customers to pick up their purchase with no touch pickup,” he says. “It has been amazing for me these last couple months and allowed me to stay in business.”

FUTURES MARKET These changes may have been brought about by Covid-19, but will linger long after restrictions lift. In fact, a study shows that consumers plan to continue opting for online shopping/contactless payment as well as using some form of pick up option in the future. So, while having a DeliverySafe is a must-have during these uncertain times, it will be just as important to have post-pandemic—making it a critical investment for the long-term viability of any small business.

DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

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