How a $500 Investment Protects Billions of Dollars

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The retail industry has been experiencing transformative change for some time, and recently, that metamorphosis has only magnified. With the explosion of e-commerce and simple click-to-purchase apps, digital shopping has become the new normal for many consumers. In fact, forecasts projected that online sales would reach new heights of $709.78 billion in 2020. That's an increase of 18% over 2019, or a $127 billion bump in sales. And while the pandemic has been a catalyst for this tremendous growth, it will continue long after Covid-19, with total sales expected to rise to nearly $892 billion by 2022 - which will be over 15% of total retail.

Why is that? All signs point to convenience. While large retailers such as Target offer drive up/in-person pickup shopping options, not all stores have this luxury. As a result, we are seeing a huge growth in package deliveries. A quick glimpse at both UPS’ and FedEx’s businesses backs up this trend, as UPS saw a 13.4% Q2 revenue increase over 2019 and FedEx stock is surging at rates not seen since 2018. Simply put, our porches and front doors are welcoming more packages than ever.

More Deliveries, More Dollars

As spend for deliveries increases, it means there is significantly more money on the line in the form of products and produce coming to our homes. In fact, if you do the math, each American averages over $2,000 a year in online orders. That’s a lot of cash to leave sitting outside, unattended where just anyone can grab it—and they will.

The more we spend, the more we want to protect those dollars. Think of our homes and cars, we put insurance policies in place to safeguard those purchases. So, with our online spend cresting up into the thousands, shouldn’t we protect our orders and deliveries too?

DeliverySafe Protects Your Package and Food Deliveries from Theft, Weather, and Spoilage

We should, and we’re speaking from a place of experience. Here at DeliverySafe, our team’s own ordering habits have increased just like everyone else’s, and we’ve set our sights on making sure that the money we spend doesn’t go to waste.

A New Way to Insure Your Packages

Just how we protect our money by putting it in a wallet, we devised a way to protect our digital dollars when they arrive as packages to our door. Designed to bolt right into a porch, deck, stoop or alongside the house, the DeliverySafe insulated lockbox features a commercial grade lock so products are protected from theft, and our weatherproofing materials stave off potential damage. The built-in insulation and ice pack holders keep perishables cool, meaning fresh groceries and meals for when you get home. It’s a one-stop solution for keeping the goods, food and experiences you’re excited to unbox safe until you’re ready for them.

The retail landscape has continued to change, but the delivery experience has been slow to keep up in comparison. We thought it was time to catch it up. The DeliverySafe retails for $500, which we understand is an investment, but we liken it to your shopping insurance - protecting thousands of your hard-earned dollars in the future to come. Don’t you want to get what you order? We sure do.

DeliverySafe's Lockable Package Delivery Box is the Modern Mailbox

The Watchguard for Your Deliveries

Follow us for important news and trends around online shopping and delivery of packages, meal kits and groceries. We’re here to help keep your deliveries safe and fresh.

The Watchguard for Your Deliveries

Follow us for important news and trends around online shopping and package delivery.